The Small Community

Mr & Mrs Small is a dog friendly café and accessories boutique, featuring a family-style doggy day care and grooming salon. Our team of passionate and energetic dog lovers are working hard to help you create a healthier, happier and more balanced day to day life: we believe owning a dog should be a joy and never a burden!

We strive to offer premium products and services for your modern dog family, which is why we will never stop learning and growing with you. Here at the Small House, we connect to the local community through education, charity and high-quality experiences. Visit us in store to find out more about us, the monthly membership package and upcoming events!

Dog Grooming
Wash & Fluff Full Groom
X-Small from £45 from £55
Small from £45 from £65
Medium from £55 from £75
Large from £65 from £85

Book me in!

We ask each new customer to book in for an initial ‘Wash & Fluff’ service so that we can understand your dog’s specific grooming needs.

We operate a strict appointment only policy so please give us a call or visit us in store to book.

Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare

At the Small Daycare we offer convenience for your entire dog family. Our mission is to provide personal and loving care for your dog in a balanced and playful environment. Our passionate staff never compromise on safety, attention to detail or quality of care.

Hourly Prices

1 hour £9 5 hours £42
2 hours £18 6 hours £51
3 hours £27 7 hours £56
4 hours £35 8 hours £61



Regents Park Walk £15 (50 min)
Behavioural Assessment £45 (30 min)
Special 'Small' Massage £5 (10 mins)

Half board (4 hours) - £32

Includes 1x 30 minute walk
+£3.60 every 30 minutes thereafter

Full board (8 hours) - £48

Includes 2x 30 minute walks

Join the Family!

We understand that each dog is unique and therefore ask for an initial ‘Meet and Greet’ to assess your dog’s suitability for the Small Daycare. After this bookings can be made online or by contacting us.

Visit us in store or give us a call and let’s get to know each other!

The Small Ethos

Our Promise

We strive to offer services that fit the needs of your entire dog family. If you didn’t love your last visit, let us know and we will work together to find the right solution for you.

Our Mission

We believe in authentic experiences, knowledge sharing and community building. Here at Mr & Mrs Small, dogs are family. That is why we are so committed to inspiring healthy dog lifestyles, one dog at a time.

Our Core Values

We work with integrity and take pride in our work;
We respect individuality;
We believe in the value of quality;
We believe that dogs are a family member to cherish;
We believe in giving back to the community;
We believe that knowledge should be shared, and we love to learn;
We believe in creating long term health & happiness;
We never compromise on our core values.

Dog Daycare Booking

Coming soon. For pre-registration call us or visit us in store to arrange an initial Daycare Meet & Greet.